Jodie Clothier


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.



My name is Jodie. I'm a UX + Product designer in my final year at the University of Sydney. After moving from the bush to the big smoke three years ago I now call Sydney home and I've never looked back.

I'm passionate about good design and human experiences. I think these two things go hand in hand. Designing for people; to incite change, to disrupt the status quo, to make something bigger and better and brighter than before. That's what I stand for. That, and a good latte first thing in morning.

I have a good eye for visual design and I'm always training it. Photography, videography, graphic design, illustration, and animation are all things I've tinkered with it in the past and will always continue to do so. This paired with my curiosity and desire to know why people do the things that they do lays the foundations for a designer worth talking to. Because behind every good design there is a story. A conflict and a resolution. A problem and a solution.

What you need is a good listener, a designer who knows how to use empathy to understand their users are and create a solution for them, no matter how 'wicked' the problem maybe. In today's world, 'one-size-fits-all' no longer applies. 

For more details about how my skillset can match your problem you can check out my CV here or drop me a line at